The Delightful Curmudgeon

There really is some content this time!! So, after a false start earlier in the week and some self debate, I have decided to let go of my need to be on a strict schedule. Yeah, that's it.

First things first:

I love writing about qigong, energy healing, and what I am learning about the rich ancient wisdom traditions that they evolved from, i.e., Daoism, Buddhism. I like finding the connections between these and other worldviews; also new ways to incorporate the principles into my own practice. These have all made a profound impact on my life and will continue to shape my experiences and health- body mind, and soul. But I am more interested in structuring this blog when I can around issues and topics that are important to the people who read it. What I had imagined in this idea of creating a “3Bao community” is having dialogue among the members, other healers, and those curious about beginning a practice or seeking healing treatments. I enjoy putting articles together around things that fascinate me, but I’m not as much interested in being the only one talking. Granted, even when I have a little wr