3 Remedies for Bumfuzzle

This is a picture of the last quarter fall moon still visible in the morning
Morning Moon, Last Quarter, September 2021, Photo: Cyndi Clark

I was outside enjoying my backyard some days ago and caught a glimpse of the morning moon as I looked up through the branches of one of our taller maples. On that day the moon was in its last quarter phase before the new one, happening Wednesday (Oct. 6) and I was inspired by the clear impression of symmetry between Yin and Yang.

New moon intention: (new moons are for setting intentions, getting the process started; full moons are for affirming what has transpired- or- so I have been told):

"The moon is a reminder that no matter what phase I am in, I am still whole." (Anonymous)

Intend to know more about this in the coming weeks.

These quarter phases between the new and full moon are, like the equinoxes and solstices, great times to check into your center and work with your sense of balance. They are balancing points and, at the same time, tipping points into the next phase as everything revolves full circle. We’re still feeling the celestial influence created by the Fall Equinox. Major changes in seasons can be mildly or wildly unsettling for some as the Qi in the environment synchronizes with the new season's rhythms. Energetically sensitive people might feel these disruptions a few weeks before and few weeks after each seasonal change. In addition to sensitive digestion, more sensitive emotionally, there can also, be a feeling of being “out of sorts”. This is a condition that we call “reversed polarity” in some Reiki and Qigong circles. You'll find in this post three, or so, practices that can help when your personal orbits feel all jacked up.



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What is polarity in the body?

Polarity is a fundamental law of nature involving the union of opposites through a middle point, balanced between the positive and negative poles of the same essential thing. The earth’s polarity creates a magnetic field that is sensitive to what is happening in the two innermost core layers.

Polarity therapies operate from the theory is that the human body, like the Earth, has positive and negative poles radiating from the center core that act like an inner compass and form a protective field around the body. When there is an excess of Qi, or a deficiency, the poles can sometimes flip, disrupting the flow of Qi and temporarily knock your sense of direction off kilter.

So, polarity for humans is the perception of which way is up, down, right, left, behind, and in front. It helps us gauge both where we are in relation to the world around and how to move well through it. Like the Earth’s polarity, it creates an electromagnetic field around the body; in “energetic” anatomy, this field is referred to as “Wei Qi” which is also a protective force, like the geomagnetic field, that can weaken if certain conditions are present- chronic stress, for instance, that require a harmonized Qi flow to maintain. The Wei Qi fields in my mind are similar to proprioceptive sense.

Without proprioception, you wouldn’t be able to move without thinking about your next step. Proprioception allows you to walk without consciously thinking about where to place your foot next. It lets you touch your elbow with your eyes closed.” (WebMD, 2020)

Think of how it is to be dancing and in sync with the music- when you are in this flow, you don't second guess where your feet go next, you just go with it, immersed in the moment. When polarity is off, you are less centered, clumsier than normal, and well, you're just not a spiffy dancer. Proprioceptive (kinesthetic) sense is how we understand our location amid everything else and enables us to move within space with effortless coordination, and good timing. While polarity gives a kind of compass coordinate, this sense involves timing and rhythm, because it also helps you perceive things moving around you. In other words, we have a phrase for when we are feeling off center; we say, “I started off on the wrong foot” and have a harder time recovering coordination or timing. In a word, we’re discombobulated. When polarity is balanced, you feel confidence in your movements, knowing where you are, having a feel for and trust in yourself.

What can cause it? In addition to medical causes,

  • Stress, with little down time

  • Insufficient sleep/rest,

  • Poor diet or too little hydration,

  • Too much time in front of screens: cellphone, computer, TV,

  • Too much time in rooms with fluorescent lighting,

  • Especially for introverts, other people, no alone time

  • Especially for extroverts, too much alone time without social interaction

  • Unresolved emotional trauma

Symptoms of reversed polarity can include depression and exhaustion, poor memory, anxiety, fear, vertigo, hopelessness, dizziness, immune disturbances, lethargy, poor coordination, mentally and physically, headaches and dissociation, or feeling out of body. Other conditions that can initiate reversed polarity are associated with chronic fatigue syndrome, hormonal disturbances, muscular pains, autoimmune diseases, or even cancers. We all have these symptoms from time to time, they don’t necessarily mean there is a serious health issue, but if they are a regular occurrence, or unusual in any way, seeing a medical doctor would be advised to rule out serious causes.