3Bǎo, or Sānbǎo,  for me, represents three guiding ideals that lead my work perspective and its mission.  as I offer my services and practice these profound and powerful healing art forms, my intent is to embody these virtues.   


"Compassion is to look beyond your own pain to see the pain of others." Yasmin Mogahed

There but for the grace of God go I. Most healers and sages are not especially perfect people, though so often we expect them to be, or we expect ourselves to be as healers. Compassion requires that we connect through our shared human frailty; recognizing this is a great healer's tool. Hopefully, it helps to create a safe healing environment where the darker aspects and pain in healing can be honestly examined and transformed. It also becomes apparent that many times the Dao/God/Universe sets before you many people who share the same types of issues, so healing can often be two way.



"I pray for humility, honestly, because it's very easy to get caught up in the world." says Katy Perry.

As a healer, I have practiced a few decades-countless hours of study, practice, time and money. I have a few degrees and I have taught other people to do some of this. People could and sometimes do expect things of me. And still I know nothing; I am not wiser than. I am not the one who "does" the healing. Healers aren't fixers, or experts, but if we are lucky, the power of healing will cooperate with us when we call it down. I am a conduit through which the healing light is facilitated- holding the flashlight still so the patient or student can extract their own splinters.




Qigong healing is about the balance of Yin and Yang, the primary motivation and material of all formal existence. Healing is harmony among the layers of mind, body and spirit which are, in Medical Qigong- Jing (material), Qi (mental/emotional) and Shen (spirit)- these are the three treasures of humanity. Harmony requires balance= the perfect amount of what is needed exactly where it is needed. I believe I have worked well when I have gone neither beyond, nor fallen short of the job at any given moment or any given phase of the total.

Blog Entry

About Cyndi: I have practiced energy healing for over 20 years and hold professional certifications as a Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui Shiki Ryoho) and as a Master level Medical Qigong Therapist. I am currently studying Daoism in Nashville, TN, training with Sarah Cherry, DMQ-China (Body and Abode) and have also studied with Dr. J. Michael Wood (5 Virtues Medical Qigong), Janet Neely and Judy Jaya Seely-both Reiki Masters. Currently, I teach Reiki Practitioner Trainings (all levels) and facilitate public Qigong classes at various venues in our "Music City", including Nashville Community Education, 50 Forward Centers, and private lessons/sessions. I have a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Middle Tennessee State University, where I also coursework in History, Political Science, Psychology & Women’s Studies.  I am an ordained Interfaith minister with an interest in the spiritualities that unite and serve the best interests of human evolution and the guardianship of the Earth.  

I believe in the value of lifelong education and am endlessly curious and delighted to learn new perspectives and insights from the courses I take and the people I meet along the way.  Most recently, I have attained Specialist Certifications in Integrative Health & Medicine, Positive Psychology, and have become a Tai Chi Instructor (Yang Style 24 Form). 

Who is this Chick?

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Cyndi Clark
Training and Experience:

Bachelor of Arts/ Philosophy  (2007)

Middle Tennessee State University


Medical Qigong Therapist and Movement Coach

(Master level- 2019)



Dr. JMichael Wood,

5 Virtues Medical Qigong

(MQP 2014)

Dr. Sarah Cherry, DMQ, China, 

Temple of the Tranquil Earth/ Body and Abode Healing

(MQ Therapist (2017) Current; MMQ 2019)

Reiki Master/ Teacher



Judy Jaya Seely Levels 1 and 2 (1995)

Janet Neely/ Healing Today Master (2012)


Tai Chi  Instructor/

Yang Style 24 Short Form 

(Functional Aging Institute- FAI-2020)


Traditional Chinese Medicine:

(online only):

Lisa Van Ostrand, 3 Treasures Healing


Everyday Chinese Medicine 1 &2


Health Concepts in Chinese Medicine

(University of Hong Kong- 2020)

Integrative Health & Medicine Specialist

(University of Minnesota/ Integrative Medicine)



Botanical healing

Guided Imagery


Evidence Based Practices

Positive Psychology Specialist

(University of Pennsylvania)




Grit and Research Methods

Life Plan Design


Positive Psychology- Applications/Interventions

(University of Sydney)

Interfaith Minister

(Universal Life Church)

Other Certificates/ trainings:

First Aid and CPR

American Red Cross

Psychological First Aid

(Johns Hopkins University)

Exercise Science- (University of Colorado)

The Addicted Brain

(Emory University)

Biohacking Your Brain's Health

(Emory University)

Curanderismo  (survey course on Southwestern Healing techniques- not training)

(University of New Mexico)


Medical Exercise Specialist 

(American Council on Exercise- have not tested for certification- but excellent course anyway)

Mind Control- Managing Mental Health During Covid 19 Crisis

(University of Toronto)